Account Team
Good account people truly understand what's right for their clients' business;

great account people advise their clients to do what's right for their business. We are both.
Creative Team
Creativity is the strongest asset of a strategy; god bless we always deliver intriguing strategies for brands.
Social Strategy Team
An all-round strategy takes into account existing barriers and resources (e.g. people, money, power, materials, etc.),

and thrives with the overall vision, mission and objective.
Tech Team
Our online and programming specialists strive to provide prompt and constructive technical solutions

and deliver latest tech sense to address your business needs.
We leverage the power of Multidisciplinary Thinking by assembling different artisans, influencers,
KOLs & technical experts from different fields to an extend previously unheard of.
Tech & Mobile
  • Fashion / Product Photographers
  • Stylists / Make-up Artist
  • Videographers
  • 3D animators
  • Innovative Technologists
  • System Supporting
  • Mobile / App Productions
Social Networking
  • Contracted Key Opinion Leaders
  • Media & Channel Resources
  • CRM database
Planning & Marketing
  • Researching Groups
  • SEO Strategists
  • Media Agencies & Partners
On-ground Integration
  • Event Management Partners
  • Event Productions
  • Digital Installation Artists
We love to work with you! Lets explore the collaboration opportunities together!